Secret Santa Event by Sheriff’s Office Benefits Seniors in Ford Heights

Secret Santa Event by Sheriff's Office Benefits Seniors in Ford Heights


Secret Santa Event by Sheriff’s Office Benefits Seniors in Ford Heights (Ford Heights, IL) — Sheriff Tom Dart and the Cook County Sheriff’s Office held a Senior Secret Santa event today. Officers and staff distributed gifts to seniors in the community. Seniors filled out a wish card listing what they would like this holiday season. The cards asked the seniors for “Something I want, Something I need, Something to Wear, and Something to Read.”

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Helping the Seniors

Over 120 seniors filled out wish cards. 120 sheriff’s office staff volunteered to provide those gifts to the seniors. The gift drive benefited senior citizens in Ford Heights, Chicago Heights, Markham, and Park Forest.

A motorcade of at least 15 sheriff’s police cars left from the Ford Heights Substation early this afternoon. The vehicles were loaded with gifts for seniors. Santa also came along for the ride and gift distribution. With lights, sirens, and Christmas music playing over the intercoms, the Sheriff’s officers delivered the gifts to the senors.

Undersheriff Marlon Parks said that the event is meant to bring some joy to the community, especially during such trying times. “The sheriff has always said the biggest people in our community are our schools, our churches, and our seniors. Those are the pillars of the community.”

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Lieutenant Watson, referred to as the “ringleader” for the event, said that some of the seniors she spoke to said that they “hadn’t been asked what they wanted for Christmas in 50 or 60 years.”

According to the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, the Secret Santas were not given a maximum or minimum dollar amount for purchases. Sheriff Tom Dart said that he looks forward to expanding this Senior Secret Santa next year.

The Sheriff in Ford Heights

Since 2008, the sheriff has been responsible for the policing of the village after all the officers on the municipal force quit. The village is still rife with financial struggles and extended their agreement with the county in 2019.

Secret Santa Event by Sheriff’s Office Benefits Seniors in Ford Heights

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