Ruffin Agrees with Mayor Lightfoot on Ending Electronic Monitoring for Violent Offenders

Ruffin Agrees with Mayor Lightfoot


Ruffin Agrees with Mayor Lightfoot (Cook County, IL) – Democratic candidate for Cook County Sheriff LaTonya Ruffin praised Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot for agreeing with Ruffin’s stance regarding the need to end the use of electronic monitoring for people charged with violent crimes in Cook County.

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Currently, 75% of those on electronic monitoring are facing violent charges, including 96 charged with murder, 131 charged with sexual assault, and 254 charged with armed habitual criminal, according to the Sheriff’s office. Ruffin says this has to stop as Cook County feels like it’s degenerating into a lawless society.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot Sheds Light on Consequences of Electronic Monitoring

“I am pleased that Mayor Lightfoot chose to shine a light on the tragic consequences that the electronic monitoring program has caused throughout Cook County in her press conference yesterday. Since I launched my campaign for Sheriff in June, I have made it clear that those accused of violent crimes should not be eligible for electronic monitoring, and should be kept locked up in Cook County jail until their trial. The incumbent sheriff has demonstrated a failure of leadership, abdicating all responsibility for putting so many black and brown community members in danger, claiming that the decision to release inmates is out of his hands,” Ruffin stated.

Currently, there have been 60 people accused of killing, trying to kill, or shooting someone in Chicago alone this year while awaiting trial for a felony, accounting for 92 victims. This does not even include other violent crimes like carjacking, armed robbery, or sexual assault.

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“When the top law enforcement officer in the county doesn’t want to ensure law and order in the communities that need it most, what you get is a lawless society,” Ruffin lamented.

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“As your next Sheriff, I will use the power of my office to fight for the safety of law-abiding citizens, and will work with the Chief Judge and the County Board President to convince them that this misguided program should be revamped in a way that actually makes sense.”

Ruffin has served and protected as a law enforcement officer in several Cook County municipalities the past two decades. Currently a police officer in Robbins, Ruffin worked as a Patrol Officer at the Police Departments in Dixmoor, Markham, and Robbins, IL. Ruffin patrolled the streets of these cities and neighborhoods, responding to problems where necessary. Ruffin believes in enforcing the laws, mitigating public disturbances, investigating possible crimes, and apprehending those responsible for breaking the law.

Ruffin Agrees with Mayor Lightfoot

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