Roosevelt University’s Dr. Dennis Frank Discriminates Against Black Student

Roosevelt University's Dr. Dennis Frank Discriminates Against Black Student

Roosevelt University’s Dr. Dennis Frank Discriminates Against Black Student (Chicago, IL) — A Roosevelt University student has been academically dismissed from the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program after he spoke out against their discriminatory and inflamatory treatment towards him.

Mr. Numan Nunn, who was seeking a Master’s degree within the Roosevelt University’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program, was academically dismissed in March after university officials failed to address his concerns that his professor, Dr. Dennis Frank, was acting inappropriately at regular meetings, using accusatory language and failing to meet Mr. Nunn’s needs as a student. Dr. Frank is also Program Chair for the Counseling & Human Services MA Counseling Program.

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Mr. Nunn, who proudly serves as a police officer, has been a model student since his enrollment and acceptance into the rigorous program. He dutifully completed the coursework for the program while maintaining well-above the required 3.0 GPA and working full time as a Chicago police officer. He completed all coursework except for the final Internship Continuation (CHS-599Y), and upon enrolling in that final course, the COVID-19 pandemic set in.

The Course

As a part of that course, students are asked to complete a certain number of direct, supervised hours of clinical work. Due to the restraints of COVID, the incompetence of the faculty in question, and the unwillingness of faculty to meet the needs of the students in an unprecedented time, three Black students were dismissed from the program after failing to meet the required hours. Due to COVID concerns, counseling sites were unable to provide the students with the direct in-person clinical hours that the program requires. Other students who were also enrolled in the same course and who were also unable to complete their hours were provided leniency in their remediation plans.


Roosevelt University's Dr. Dennis Frank Discriminates Against Black Student
Pictured: Numan Nunn, Roosevelt University graduate student | Image courtesy of Numan Nunn

“I am truly disturbed with the way things unfolded at Roosevelt University,” said Mr. Numann Nunn. “I have been a dedicated student during my four-plus years here. Getting a master’s degree is expensive and time-consuming. I have worked hard, making myself available 5 days a week in order to complete these hours. I have taken off of work to make sure I am able to complete this internship properly, but I have been met with hostility every step of the way.”

As a part of the remediation process, Mr. Nunn was required to attend regular meetings with Dr. Frank. Those meetings were hostile and Mr. Nunn was met with belligerence from Dr. Frank. Dr. Frank regularly used accusatory language and belittled Mr. Nunn, claiming he was lying, and at one point, refused to accept properly acquired clinical hours. Dr. Frank rarely responded to Mr. Nunn’s inquiries. As his counselor and the chair of the program, Dr. Frank has shamefully and miserably failed Mr. Nunn and other students.

Mr. Nunn is simply looking for a way to ensure his time and hard-earned money putting his life on the line for the safety of our community are not wasted. “I just want to graduate. I was seeking a mental health degree because as a police officer, I see the way mental health devastates families and our communities. With the proper treatment and the removal of the stigma associated with receiving mental health services, our community can thrive and move beyond some of the issues that have plagued our Black community.”

Roosevelt University’s Dr. Dennis Frank Discriminates Against Black Student

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