Protestors suing Village of Dolton over arrest

Protestors suing Village of Dolton over arrest
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Protestors suing Village of Dolton over arrest (Dolton, IL) – A group of activists are suing the village of Dolton after they were arrested during a protest seeking answers about a fatal encounter between 19-year-old Alexis Wilson and Dolton police.
Rabbi Michael Ben Yosef said he and other activists were peacefully protesting during a village homeowners meeting when he and three others were unlawfully arrested and charged with interfering with a public meeting on Sept. 1. It happened after officers were ordering protestors to move back from the premises of the meeting, Yosef said. But after protestors complied, they were still arrested, he added.
Since the incident, Yosef and the Chicago Activist Coalition for Justice have been interviewing with a legal counsel to file a civil rights lawsuit, claiming their right to freedom of speech was violated. The group will announce next steps and damages to be pursued at a press conference.
“My constitutional rights were violated severely and the chain of command must be held accountable and that trickles down to local government,” said Yosef, who has a court date on Oct. 7. The lawsuit will be against the village and Mayor Tiffany Henyard, who Yosef alleged ordered the arrest. It will also be against Dolton Police Chief Robert Collins, a dolton police officer, the state of Illinois, Cook County Board President Tony Preckwinkle and the U.S. government.
“All need to understand that when protestors are protesting peacefully, their rights should be honored consistently,” Yosef said. “They violated our right to protest. They arrested us because we protested.”
Other advocates who were arrested were part of the following organizations: Good Kids Mad City, Party for Socialism and Liberation and ONE Team ONE Plan. The members were arrested during one of a string of protests that have taken place since the death of Alexis Wilson in Dolton. The one during the homeowners meeting saw activists standing on a sidewalk across the street from the meeting, chanting Wilson’s name and holding signs that read “Justice for Alexis.”
Camiella Williams, one of the activists who was arrested, said she is under legal counsel and would speak out about legal action she’s planning to take against the village at a later date. She and other protestors have wanted answers about a situation that left Wilson fatally shot on July 27.
Dolton police have said they were called to a restaurant in Dolton for reports of a woman with a gun in the drive-thru. When they got there, Wilson refused to get out of the car, with her parents noting it was because she wasn’t fully clothed, they have said.

Video from the incident seemingly shows an officer punching Wilson in the face twice. After that she sped off from the drive-thru. Police allege she was using her vehicle as a weapon, dragging an officer on the passenger side, which is why they fired their weapons.

Alexis’ parents and advocates have disputed some of these claims and noted the situation wasn’t handled properly.

Instead of punching Wilson, officers should have worked to de-escalate the situation, Williams said.

“You hit me in my face, then I’m driving off too,” she said.

The incident is being investigated by the Illinois State Police. The village won’t be commenting on the situation any further while it’s under investigation, a village spokesperson has said.

Protestors suing Village of Dolton over arrest

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  1. And mayor has the nerve to think someone is going to stand with her after condoning the murder of a child who was battered and shot 7 times by her police officers. We won’t stand for it.