Pritzker-Raoul Protesters Turn Violent at Devore Press Conference

Pritzker-Raoul Protesters Turn Violent at Devore Press Conference


Pritzker-Raoul Protesters Turn Violent at Devore Press Conference  (Chicago, IL) — Attorney General candidate Thomas DeVore held a press conference in front of the Cook County Jail this morning to call attention to the obvious issues with the SAFE-T Act. According to DeVore and other who has called attention to the unconstitutionality of the act, the SAFE-T Act allows for discrimination in the criminal justice system by allowing judges to have sole authority over granting release to accused criminals, leaving room for bias and discrimination, particularity against Black men and other minority groups. The press conference was met with protestors this morning who appeared to be SAFE-T Act supporters.

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Tom Devore has released the following statement regarding the supporters of JB Pritzker and Kwame Raoul who showed up to disrupt the press conference:

“Our press conference this morning with a coalition of community activists in the South Suburbs was shut down by supporters of Governor Prtizker and Kwame Raoul who turned violent.

“Public safety and discussions about the SAFE-T Act are absolutely critical, and deserve calm rational discussion. That is not what the left wants. We will not be resuming the press conference today, but we will most certainly be continuing this discussion.

“As an attorney I have stood with people from all walks of life against government overreach, corruption and crime. I support everyone’s right to protest peacefully. But violence in response to political and policy discussion is antithetical to the hope of a vibrant democracy. What happened today was totally unacceptable, and I condemn it in the strongest possible terms.

“I call on Governor Pritzker and Kwame Raoul to join me in condemning the violence of their supporters, and committing to thoughtful, rational and peaceful dialogue on the many issues facing the people of Illinois for the remainder of this election cycle.”

Pritzker-Raoul Protesters Turn Violent at Devore Press Conference 


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  1. Who ever wrote this is s liar.
    Ive seen the video.
    The only violence was from Paul McKinley a Devore supporter.