Please Enforce Nursing Home Care Act Sec. 8

Enforce Nursing Home Care Act


Enforce Nursing Home Care Act. (Chicago, Illinois). Madame States Attorney Kim Foxx:

Bloom Twp Senior Wheels

You have shown in your four (years) in office as Cook County States Attorney that your are accountable, you stayed true to the promises you made to the people of Cook County.

Your actions confirmed the purposefully focused reason that I and many other people support you and chose to re-elect you. 

Prairie State College

NOW LET’S GO TO WORK . I pray that you will ask the Illinois Governor JB Pritzker to please Order his appointed IDPH Director to immediately implement the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act; Sec:8 especially during this Passover known as Covid-19 the Global Pandemic against the Nursing Homes . He , the IDPH Director and and his administration know aren’t in compliance. As Pandemic Rages On, Illinois Delays Fines For Understaffed Nursing Homes

Gator and Kim Foxx 2020

Enforce Nursing Home Care Act

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