Phleb4U Creates Bright Future for Phlebotomy Students

Phleb4U Creates Bright Future for Phlebotomy Students


Phleb4U Creates Bright Future for Phlebotomy Students (Alsip, IL) – Students interested in starting a career in Phlebotomy are welcome to take on Elizabeth Jones’ Basic Phlebotomy Training. According to instructor Jones, students have grown tremendously through the program. “The highlight of teaching this course is getting to see them graduate and go get jobs in the field, that alone has shown the growth they have achieved through this course” she said. 

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Jones also mentions there currently being a high demand on Phlebotomists, and how this course will provide the skill sets to get the students on the right path toward this profession. “Phlebotomists help out doctors to make sure patients are getting the correct diagnoses. We will also ensure patients are tested thoroughly,” she added.

The Basics of Phlebotomy

Phlebotomy is the practice of drawing blood for testing and also an important tool to diagnose medical conditions. The process involves using a cannula to make a puncture in the vein, typically located in the arm. Phlebotomists usually draw blood for tests, donations, transfusions or research to be analyzed in a clinical laboratory. The results are used to diagnose and come up with a treatment plan for illnesses, and may also determine if a patient is receiving proper nutrition.

Phleb4U provides a basic seven-week training course on Phlebotomy that focuses on all essentials to start a career in the field. 

About the Instructor

Elizabeth Jones began instructing at Phleb4U in 2019. Jones believes Phlebotomy is an amazing skill to have and hopes to touch those aspiring to pursue it in the south land area. Jones touches on a lot of different subjects of Phlebotomy but only dives into what she thinks will most benefit the students and is detrimental to their knowledge beginning in the field.

What’s Included

All books and materials for the course are supplied. The program offers key information to be a successful Phlebotomist and clinical laboratory sessions. “I teach techniques and knowledge they will need to have in the field. I teach them orders of draw, as well as the legal parts like making sure they are not leaving needles in the bed and protocols of lab,” Instructor Jones said. Venipuncture, finger sticks, patient identification, labeling specimens, proper use of a centrifuge tube and needle identification are all skills learned in this course. 


Classes are held Monday through Thursday 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Good Attendance habits are required to complete this course, with no more than two unexcused absences. Laboratory jackets must also be worn during each laboratory session for the students’ safety. Appointments are required to register for this course and can be arranged by phone.

How to get Started

The cost to participate is $1000, with $200 due at registration. Payment plans are also available, however full balance must be paid by completion of the course. Phleb4U is located at 4022 127th Street Alsip, IL. Anyone interested in registering can do so by appointment. Please reach out to Instructor Jones for additional information (708) 800-1596.

Phleb4U Creates Bright Future for Phlebotomy Students


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