Pekau Fights County Mandate for Vaccine Passport at Local Restaurants

Pekau Fights County Mandate

Pekau Fights County Mandate (Orland Park, IL) – According to statements made by Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau, who is currently running for U.S. Representative in the new llinois 6th District:

“If a vaccine mandate is going to be passed and enforced, it should be passed by law. It should be done by the legislative body, and additionally, it should be supported by data and facts. Cook County government is just playing politics,” said Mayor Keith Pekau of Orland Park.

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“In Orland Park, we have followed the data and taken common sense measures to protect our residents and businesses without interfering with their rights—and it’s worked.”

Unanimous Vote

Last night the Orland Park Village Board voted unanimously to oppose the Cook County vaccine passport mandate. “The village trustees and I strongly believe in our representative form of government. For this reason, rather than ‘turning a blind eye’ or holding closed door discussions, we established the Village of Orland Park’s policy in a public meeting of the elected representatives. In my opinion, this is the correct way to establish policy which is a stark contrast to edicts from one person or from non-elected administrators.

“The attached video includes the data that I shared last night as well as our police chief answering my question about the viability of using our officers to the enforce this unlawful mandate.

I want to thank Cook County Commissioner Sean Morrison for standing up to this unlawful requirement as well. It is an unacceptable abuse power that is not based on data or facts.”

Why Wait

“If these mandates and lockdowns are needed so badly, then why is Cook County waiting until January 3rd to enforce them? This is all just politics and games being played by the extreme far-left. My record of finding real solutions in Orland Park stands in stark contrast to the failed politics of the progressive left. I will bring that mindset to Washington when I represent the voters of the 6th District in Congress. Real, local leadership does what’s best for their community and puts people over politics. We can keep our residents safe without interfering with their rights.”

Pekau Fights County Mandate

Monica Gordon for Cook County Commissioner

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