Norington-Reaves Condemns Jackson’s Support for Defunding the Police

Norington-Reaves Condemns Jackson’s Support for Defunding the Police

Norington-Reaves Condemns Jackson’s Support for Defunding the Police (Chicago, IL)  — This evening at an Indivisible Chicago candidate forum, Karin Norington-Reaves condemned Jonathan Jackson’s support of defunding the police amid our city and nation’s crime epidemic.

Patricia Bonk for State Rep

Jackson touted his endorsement from “Our Revolution,” in a release just last week, an organization that supports defunding the police. “Jonathan checks all of the boxes,” an Our Revolution spokesperson confirmed of his positions being consistent with their priorities. Jackson said, “The issues the organization espouses… are in alignment with my beliefs about the type of policies that will deliver the best long-term benefits to the 1st Congressional District.”

“At a time when our District is grappling with almost unprecedented gun violence and crime, defunding the police is an incredibly dangerous proposition,” said Norington-Reaves spokeswoman Samantha Keitt. “We need candidates who will invest in real solutions to our crime problem, not create more opportunities for violence.”

Norington-Reaves believes in a holistic approach to addressing gun violence and crime that includes:

  • Banning the sale of “ghost guns,” whole guns or gun components online that are sold with no serial number, an assault weapons ban, cracking down on straw purchasers, and additional resources to get illegal guns off the street.

  • Investing in police training and alternative programs that provide mental health services and free up police to do the jobs they are trained for. We also need reforms that hold police officers accountable to the communities they serve. If we are in trouble and call the police we want to know that they’ll respond in an unbiased manner, without using a gun first.

  • Addressing the root causes of violence by giving people hope through economic opportunity. Under Norington-Reaves’s leadership of the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership, the nation’s largest workforce development system, she and her team connected more than 100,000 job seekers to meaningful, family-sustaining careers, partnered with 2000+ companies to create jobs, and helped bring businesses to Chicagoland.

Norington-Reaves Condemns Jackson’s Support for Defunding the Police

Monica Gordon for Cook County Commissioner

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