New Technology Brings Hope for Economic Development in Dolton

New Technology Brings Hope for Economic Development in Dolton


New Technology Brings Hope for Economic Development in Dolton (Dolton, IL) – Can the implementation of new technology help bring new business to Dolton?

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Members of Dolton’s board of trustees surely hope so. During the January 19 board meeting, Village Administrator Elizabeth Scott proposed new software to spur economic development. The software would help potential investors access crucial information on commercial properties for sale in Dolton. The app software run by Robinson Engineering would highlight places of interest, municipal buildings, and schools. It would also provide information on incentive zones with zoning maps.

The village is currently using Pro-Champs software which has noted limitations. Pro-Champs creates a list of residential properties that have been registered as vacant but does not account for commercial properties.

Representatives from the software firm utilized the virtual presentation to prove the value of investing in the new app. Mayor Riley H. Rogers posed questions about the upfront and maintenance costs. Scott said the upfront cost is approximately $6,000 with a very low cost to maintain.

With the vision of economic growth in sight, the upfront cost may be a small investment compared to the benefits the Village of Dolton would reap in return. Now may be the time for Dolton to get on board and position itself for an economic surge.

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According to Scott, many other towns are using this new app software and Dolton is one of the few local municipalities that is not. “This software will post property listings to showcase properties for sale to help bring business to Dolton,” said Scott.

One major advantage is that the app will show vacant land and properties that may not be listed on MLS because not all properties are listed with a broker or realtor.

During the board meeting, Trustee Tammi Brown spoke out about her plans to push for economic growth. Brown proposed the Village of Dolton rejoin South Suburban Landbank Authority (SSLBDA). SSLBDA facilitates property redevelopment. In a local municipality like Dolton, the benefits would enhance economic activity and stabilize the community.

Brown proposed rejoining SSLBDA during a board meeting last fall. Brown stated that she wants to keep this proposition at the forefront believing that it will benefit the community.

New Technology Brings Hope for Economic Development in Dolton

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