New Initiative Plans To Bring New Trees To Markham

New Initiative Plans To Bring New Trees To Markham


New Initiative Plans To Bring New Trees To Markham (Markham, IL)— During the Markham’s March 16th meeting, representatives from Nordson Green Earth spoke about an initiative the city can participate in. Nordson Green Earth was established in May 2021.

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Sheetal Khedkar Roa, MD, Nordson’s Chief Health Officer, gave an overview of what the organization stands for which is Tree Equity. Tree Equity is the fairness and justice that occurs when every neighborhood has enough trees so that every person can reap the benefits that trees have to offer.

Nordson Green Earth plans to do this through the Miyawaki method, which aims to restore native forests from seeds of native trees on degraded soils. The first tree in Illinois planted using this method will be at the Markham Cook County courthouse on May 20, 2022. The area for the tree will be 20 by 40 feet.

Marnel Scott, a volunteer with the organization and former Markham resident, sees the need for this project.

“My biggest complaint has been that the southland has been ignored for projects like this,” said Scott.

Mayor Roger Agpawa and Aldermen agreed with the important of the project in sustaining Markham’s development and beauty.

“It is very important to our environment and our ecosystem,” said Mayor Agpawa.

Further in the agenda, Mayor Agpawa and Aldermen William Barron each shared reports related to an anticipated rise in crime due to warmer weather. Markham along with other southland municipalities created a task force to help lower incidents, especially involving minors.

“People should be aware of their environment. Crime has no boundaries,” said Barron.

Other items on the agenda included:

  • A Resolution Approving the Extension and Renewal of the Re-Proclamation and Declaration of a Continued Local State of Emergency within the City of Markham and Approving the Mayor’s Determination Regarding Modifications to In-Person Meetings in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • A reminder about available volunteer positions for various city boards.
  • Notifying residents of Markham’s participation in the International Council of Shopping Center’s upcoming conference.

New Initiative Plans To Bring New Trees To Markham


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