Meridth Hammer Running for Judge of the Cook County Circuit Court

Meridth Hammer Running for Judge

Meridth Hammer Running for Judge (Cook County, IL) – There is a strength that comes from adversity and a confidence that comes from others sowing seeds into you from the beginning. Meridth Hammer understands both firsthand and believes that will help us if she is elected to the six-year term as Cook County Circuit Court Judge

After law school in her twenties, she relocated from Washington D.C. to Indianapolis to care for her mother, Jeannette Hammer, who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2001. At that time, doctors told the family she had less than two years to live so she wanted to support her parents. With a determined and resolute spirit Jeannette fought for almost two decades before succumbing ultimately to liver disease in December 2019. In addition, Hammer’s aunt, who was the first African American female chief of police of the San Diego police department, passed away three months later.

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Amazing Women

“I grew up with these amazing women in my life. I always say I was well loved and that helped me to be confident, strong and it empowered me,” said Hammer, who practices law in Illinois, Indiana and the District of Columbia. “To share the love I have for them and the love they had for me to other people means a lot to me. My mom gave me a necklace over 35 years ago of Queen Neferiti as a source of inspiration, beauty and strength.”

Hammer said early on her mother also gave her a gavel when she first graduated from law school to commemorate the vision she had for her daughter to be a judge. “This is a tough time of the year. The holidays were an important time for my mom,” she added. 

An attorney with more than 20 years of experience, she specializes in Real Estate  and Contract Law, Probate, Trust & Estate Planning. She previously served as Deputy General Counsel to the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County for three years and during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

People of Color and the Law

“People of color aren’t always informed of everything dealing with the law and process of navigating the court system and we are sometimes marginalized or do not have the opportunity to get to court hearings. They may want to come but they may have to work, hire a babysitter or just don’t have transportation,” said Hammer. “What I have seen in this hopefully post pandemic world is the use of technology such as Zoom hearings which have become popular and I hope they are here to stay because the technology in those hearings can provide an avenue for individuals who have difficulty coming to court.”

As Deputy General Counsel, Hammer provided legal advice to the General  Counsel, Clerk of Circuit Court, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Human Resources Officer, Operational  Chief Deputy Clerks and Assistant Chief Deputy Clerks on a variety of complex legal transactions and investigatory matters. She prides herself in being an attorney that works diligently to close the access to justice gap.

Helping People

“My goal is to help people. That is why I went to law school. The judiciary is one of the highest forms of public service in our legal system, in my opinion,” said Hammer, who currently serves as legal counsel to the board of several 501(c)(3) organizations including the College of Naprapathic Medicine and IMANI Community Development Corporation.

During her career, Hammer worked for the City of Indianapolis’ Department of Code Enforcement and co-founded Project5000 with her longtime friend and business partner.  Project5000 was started to create 5,000 homeowners in the metropolitan Indianapolis area and major cities across the country. As part of the Project5000 initiative, coaching  seminars and talks are in major cities like Indianapolis, Chicago, and Louisville KY leaving  a legacy to future posterity, building wealth, empowerment, personal spiritual, financial development, and creating residual income. 

Traditionally Under-served

“For people who have traditionally been under-served, building a new three bedroom, two bath home and selling it for a reasonable price to a mom who has small children is one of the most rewarding moments in my life and career,” she said. “A house is one of the largest investments a person can make and goes a long way to creating and building wealth for a family.”

Hammer also serves as legal advisor to the YouTube channel, Professor BlackOps, which presents in depth  discussions about the interplay between technology and the justice system; including investigative  analysis and recommendations on security systems in the technology industry.

Meridth Hammer Running for Judge

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