McDonald’s Under Fire with Lawsuits and Protest

McDonald's Under Fire with Lawsuits and Protest


McDonald’s Under Fire with Lawsuits and Protest – The McDonald’s corporation has been under fire as of late with numerous lawsuits alleging sexual harassment and racial discrimination.

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According to a VICE News report, about 80 Black franchisees have filed lawsuits alleging that they were pigeonholed into operating low-sales restaurants in Black communities, leading to store failures, closures, and forcing them to sell their franchises.

One Chicago-area activist, Wallace “Gator” Bradley, has been protesting McDonald’s all over the nation, including protests in Chicago, IL; Atlanta, GA; and most recently, Nashville, TN. His “Don’t Be McFooled” protest has gained national attention and calls for McDonald’s to end the systematic racism that has denied Black franchisees equal opportunities.

More information can be found on the various McDonald’s lawsuits and protests by clicking the links here:

McDonald’s Under Fire with Lawsuits and Protest


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  1. For the life of me, except being very stupid, why would McDonald treat Black Owners this way? And candidly, why would anyone invest in such high crime zones as I see on TV. That question is for the operator?

    Force these scum bags to make available to you, when you have merit, the creme de la creme locations where you, your employees, and customers can go work, and create a net worth without worrying about machine gun going off.