Math, Reading Scores Jump at Dolton 149 Diekman Elementary

Math, Reading Scores Jump at Dolton 149 Diekman Elementary


Math, Reading Scores Jump at Dolton 149 Diekman Elementary (Dolton, IL) — At the March Board of Education meeting of south suburban Dolton School District 149, Diekman Elementary School’s top administrator brought good news to board members: math and reading score had jumped significantly from fall to winter.

Diekman Principal Christina Montgomery, a former Dolton 149 student herself, reported on March 23 significant advances to Board President Wilbur Tillman and the other elected board members.

According to Montgomery, the data reflected based on I-Ready scores show in the Fall, the math category had 2% of students at Diekman “At or Above Grade Level.”  Their Winter math scores show a significant amount of growth, with 15% of the students at Diekman “At or Above Grade Level.”  The same instance occurred in reading based on I-Ready scores in the Fall only 13% of the students were performing “At or Above Grade Level” and by the Winter, that number doubled to 26% of the students at Diekman scoring “At or Above Grade Level.”

Diekman’s NWEA scores reflected the same trajectory of growth in both reading and math based on their Fall to Winter MAP data.  Based on their NWEA scores, each classroom in KDG through 6th grade grew an average of 10 RiT points from Fall to Winter, indicating a significant amount of growth in every grade level for both subjects.

“At Diekman, our students ‘leveled up’ academically” said Montgomery, a reference to newly-hired Superintendent Dr. Maureen White’s mantra, since assuming her post on July 1, 2022, to “level up” the academic performance of Dolton 149 students.

Tillman praises Montgomery and Dr. White.


“Since becoming board president, my mission has been to improve the academic performance of Dolton 149 students across the board,” said Tillman. “The extraordinary achievement at Diekman is beyond even my high expectations, but that accomplishment is due to the vision of high standards, leveling up, demanded by Dr. White and the skillful execution by Principal Montgomery and team, for which I am deeply grateful to both of them and the teachers.”

The news of Diekman’s academic performance comes on the heels of overall district math and reading growth.

At its monthly meeting on February 23, the board was informed that Dolton 149 K to 8 students overall achieved overall reading and math growth of 2% and 3%, respectively, on the national Measures of Academic Progress Test (MAP) at midpoint in the school year, reaching beyond the district’s planned 1.5% growth. For average and above average students, the reading growth was 5% and math, 10%.

“Every school administrator and every teacher and every member of the board of education are committed to leveling up the academic achievement of Dolton 149 students,” said Dr. White. “Everyone at Dolton 149 is strategically and enthusiastically moving in the same direction, improving the math and reading skills of the children placed in our care, and that commitment is producing results.”

Math, Reading Scores Jump at Dolton 149 Diekman Elementary

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