Maria Barlow Looks to Seek Justice for Families

Maria Barlow Looks to Seek Justice for Families

Maria Barlow Looks to Seek Justice for Families (Cook County, IL) — For Maria Barlow, her deep seeded passion for making sure people received justice was planted growing up with eight older brothers. Going out as a family should have been a time for celebration, but she too often saw firsthand or heard stories that she believed were simply unacceptable.

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“When my brothers would go out, they would get stopped by police for a mob action. Why because they’re eight young black men walking down the street. And it looks like mob action to an onlooker who is not familiar with the area or just doesn’t like the idea of a group of black boys going down the street,” said Barlow, who owns her own firm and is licensed attorney by the Supreme Court of Illinois as well as the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. “So there were often times that they got stopped just for being black and brothers walking down the street. Throughout my childhood, there were times that my brothers have been accused of crimes and they have been arrested or just gathered up. To me, it was just always very unfair.”

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It fueled her desire to make a change and get into law. She is running for 1st Circuit Cook County Judge.

“For me, this seat that I’m running for is in the area that I’ve lived in my entire life. I’ve had my career here my entire life and my office has always been in this area,” said Barlow. “I would like to represent this area. I bring diversity, experience and I understand the difference between different areas on the south side. All too often the people that appear in court look like me and the people that make decisions on their cases don’t have that background.”

During law school, she believes the journey gave her true leadership skills and dedication. She has over three-and-a-half years of transactional and litigation experience gained while working for the City of Chicago’s Department of Law in its Corporation Counsel’s office. While working for the city, she prosecuted cases ranging from minor traffic offenses and traffic fatalities to building code violations. Today, she focuses her practice, The Barlow Law Firm LLC, on family law cases and helping parents with child support, custody and divorce issues.

“I primarily practice in family law so that’s child support, child custody and divorce where most of my business is family business,” said Barlow.

She said she is extremely passionate about all things family.

“A lot of people assume because I litigate divorces, that I am pro divorce and I’m really not. I enjoy custody law because people have to remain intact as a family if there are children involved, even after the relationship ends. I’m very big on hey, listen, you guys are ending but since these children are going to live in two different houses you have to still function as a family to make the best possible chances for the kids in life. And the only way that happens is from participation and cooperation of both parents,” said Barlow.

Maria Barlow Looks to Seek Justice for Families

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  1. Maria is unprofessional, loud, obnoxious and a joke. No legal system to allow this woman to be a judge. She’s a horrible lawyer and unethical! I cant imagine the damage she would go on the bench! Do not vote for her or you will regret it!