Legislative Leaders Endorse Irvin Bourne for Illinois

Legislative Leaders Endorse Irvin Bourne for Illinois
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Legislative Leaders Endorse Irvin Bourne for Illinois (Aurora, IL) —Today the Irvin for Illinois campaign is announcing a new list of legislative co-chairs who support Richard Irvin and Avery Bourne to take back Illinois from skyrocketing crime, high taxes, and never-ending corruption.

Topping the list of endorsers is State Senator and Deputy Minority Leader Sue Rezin (R-Morris), who believes we need new leadership in Springfield for a better Illinois.

“Our state has been critically mismanaged under JB Pritzker’s leadership,” said Rezin. “Illinois faces out-of-control crime, ongoing corruption within the statehouse, and diminished care for veterans at state-run facilities without real solutions to address these challenges. We have an opportunity for real leadership in Illinois with Richard Irvin and Avery Bourne, and I’m proud to support them.”

State Representative Ryan Spain (R-Peoria) has worked alongside Avery Bourne in the statehouse, and has seen her success in the General Assembly firsthand.

“Illinois under JB Pritzker has been one disaster after another—from his failure to take accountability for the state’s significant challenges or his inability to manage problems at state agencies,” said Spain. “Now we have an opportunity to elect proven leaders who have prioritized Illinois families and have pledged to root out crime and corruption, and provide the relief residents so badly need, which is why I am putting my full support behind Richard Irvin and Avery Bourne.”

Aurora Mayor and gubernatorial candidate Richard Irvin and his running mate, State Representative Avery Bourne (R-Morrisonvile) released the following statement regarding the endorsements:

“We are pleased to have this resounding support from legislative leaders who understand that JB Pritzker has not met the needs of families and businesses across Illinois. There are countless challenges our state faces–from crime and corruption to our state’s fiscal stability. Together, we are committed to taking our state back and working to reduce crime, cut taxes, and fight corruption.”

The legislative endorsements include the following lawmakers:

  • Tim Ozinga, Illinois State Representative (HD 37)
  • Seth Lewis, Illinois State Representative (HD 45)
  • Dan Ugaste, Illinois State Representative (HD 65)
  • Jeff Keicher, Illinois State Representative (HD 70)
  • Ryan Spain, Illinois State Representative (HD 73)
  • David Welter, Illinois State Representative (HD 75)
  • Jackie Haas, Illinois State Representative (HD 79)
  • Jim Durkin, Illinois State Representative (HD 82)
  • Tim Butler, Illinois State Representative (HD 87)
  • Mark Batinick, Illinois State Representative (HD 97)
  • Amy Elik, Illinois State Representative (HD 111)
  • Donald DeWitte, Illinois State Senator (SD 33)
  • Sue Rezin, Illinois State Senator (SD 38)
  • John Curran, Illinois State Senator (SD 41)

Legislative Leaders Endorse Irvin Bourne for Illinois


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