Joyce Proposal will Maximize Federal Dollars for Broadband Expansion

Joyce Proposal will Maximize Federal Dollars for Broadband Expansion


Joyce Proposal will Maximize Federal Dollars for Broadband Expansion (Springfield, IL) — A measure introduced by state Senator Patrick Joyce (D-Essex) to increase Illinois’ ability to capture federal funding for broadband under the federal Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act was signed into law on Tuesday.

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“Bringing access to internet to every citizen in Illinois is crucial,” Joyce said. “This initiative helps Illinois capture up to $1.6 billion in federal dollars to expand broadband services.”

Joyce Proposal Aims to Provide Underserved Broadband

The intent of this legislation is to bring more legislative oversight and allow for public input on where best to allocate broadband funding. Joyce put forth the proposal earlier in session, which was then put in the final BIMP bill.

“Striking a balance in closing the digital divide between both unserved and underserved areas will give our children access to more opportunities and put them on a path for success,” Joyce said.

House Bill 4700 is effective immediately.

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About Patrick Joyce

A local business owner and fourth-generation farmer, Senator Patrick Joyce has deep ties to the 40th Senate District. He grew up in Reddick and has lived in Essex for 24 years with his wife, Rita.

Joyce brings a focus on health care, the environment and education to the Senate, as well as a deep knowledge of business and agriculture. His top goals include making the health care system easier to navigate and more supportive for individuals and families suffering from serious illness, ensuring that everyone has access to clean and affordable drinking water, and reducing class sizes throughout the state.

Joyce’s experience of losing his daughter, Katelyn, to leukemia in 2011 inspired him to improve the health care system. While she was undergoing treatment, Joyce saw first-hand how difficult the American medical system can be to navigate and how difficult living through a serious illness can be – even for a family with substantial support and resources. He believes that increasing advocacy and support services would improve the American health system immensely. Every year for nearly a decade, Joyce has led a team of friends and family members to raise money at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night fundraiser in Katelyn’s memory.

Joyce Proposal will Maximize Federal Dollars for Broadband Expansion

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