Jonathan Jackson Wants to Continue Fighting for People

Jonathan Jackson
Veteran's Memorial Park


Jonathan Jackson Wants to Continue Fighting for People (Chicago, IL) — Jonathan L. Jackson has spent a lifetime believing in the importance of being a servant-leader with a heart for the community and the ability to get things done. It was instilled in him by his civil right father, Jesse Jackson Jr.  He wants to take that mentality in office as he runs for the 1st Congressional District.

“I feel like all of my experiences have prepared me for this. This seat was not on my mind previously. It was a shock to me because Congressman Bobby Rush, I affectionately grew up with him my entire life. He came to our house and sought safety from my father, to take him to the police department after Fred Hampton was killed. And I thought he would spend the rest of his time in office. I thought I could bring a very unique perspective, having been a business person, having been an activist now going into government.”

Rainbow PUSH

As the national spokesperson for the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Jackson has focused on many problems facing citizens such as discrimination and other injustices, unemployment, income inequality, voter restrictions, crime, police  brutality, false incarceration, education, healthcare, home foreclosures, and lack of access to procurement opportunities  and capital to grow their businesses. His passion also has him placing the spotlight on the successes in the communities, historical breakthroughs in politics, business, education, science, sports and entertainment.

Over the course of decades, he has seen firsthand the importance of connecting with the community locally and globally. As a senior aide to his father, he met powerful and charismatic presidents from Africa, Asia, Europe, Central and  South America and the Caribbean. Jackson witnessed the influence of diplomacy at its highest level that secured freedom for U.S. citizens in Iraq, Syria, Yugoslavia and Cuba who could not be rescued by our government. 


Gun violence continues to be an important issue on his platform. In 2021, Chicago saw 836 homicides, according to data maintained by the Cook County medical examiner’s office. That is the county’s highest tally is the highest in 25 years. There were 3,651 shooting incidents last year, which is 300 more than in 2020 and 1,415 more than in 2019. “People are feeling like prisoners in their homes,” said Jackson. “I believe what makes our streets safe is when children have coaches, clubs and activities they can get into. When they have some adult supervision and when they have vocational opportunities. We have to bring these to our children and our communities. I don’t want to see an arms race where the civilians have more arms than the police. I want to de-escalate, bring down these illegal gun purchases, I want to see the police be respected. I am not for defunding the police. I am for respecting the police, and when we call the police, we don’t want to get shot. So sometimes it’s a matter of training for the police. And other times, we should have some modernized screening, where some people like Jason Van Dyke in Chicago never should have been on the force.”

His Education

After graduating from Whitney Young High School, Jackson followed in his parents’ footsteps to North Carolina Agricultural &  echnical University, where he majored in business. He later earned a master’s in business administration from the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University. His career in business began as an investment analyst, working in a major investment firm. Later, he worked as an analyst in a successful bank and on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. Jackson ventured into real estate development and then launched several businesses. Because of his commitment to developing future leaders, he also teaches business at the collegiate level.

Jonathan Jackson Wants to Continue Fighting for People


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