Harvey regular city council meeting: October 25, 2021

City of Harvey City Council Meeting: 10/25/2021


Harvey regular city council meeting: October 25, 2021 — The city of Harvey held a regular city council meeting on Oct. 25. The board started the meeting by agreeing to amend the agenda and striking items from consideration in the interest of time. Those items include following:

Bloom Twp Senior Wheels
  • A resolution approving the first amendment to the memorandum of Understanding between the Daley Group, LLC and the City of Harvey for Southland Logistics Center

    • Background: last year the board passed a resolution that set forth the preliminary process the city and the Daley Group will proceed with for the intended development of a property located at the southeast intersection of Dixie Highway and 151st Street. There are various issues the parties dealt with concerning the property regarding claims to the property by third parties. The city has dealt with most issues but there are a few outstanding claims that require attention. The city considers the property to be “a high priority economic development project that will expand employment opportunities, improve the city’s tax base and otherwise promote the public health, safety and welfare of city residents and other businesses,” according to a city document.  To facilitate the redevelopment, Chicago Title Insurance Company requested additional language be included in the memorandum of understanding.

  •  An ordinance approving an economic incentive and redevelopment agreement by and between the city of Harvey and Harvey Lofts LLC

    • A developer specializing in multi-family workforce housing, MVAH Partners, is proposing a construct of a new 51-unit, $17 million multi-family building on Cicero Boulevard near Midway Airport and has done similar projects in the Midwest and Texas. In March the city adopted a zoning change as a first step, approving a zoning authorization under the current code that spells out specific requirements or criteria the project must meet. The next step would be for the city to enter into a redevelopment agreement with the developer.

  • An ordinance approving text amendments to the zoning ordinance of the city of Harvey, concerning automobile oriented uses and video gaming terminal establishments

    • In recent years, the city has seen an increase in a number of automobile and truck related uses and video gaming. These are primarily permitted uses rather than special uses. The city has received numerous complaints regarding impacts on traffic created by the growth in uses such as auto body shops, tire repair sales stores and video gaming. This resolution is part of an effort from the city to seek a permanent issue to these concerns.

Other items that were struck from consideration include the following:

  • An ordinance rescinding an approval of an economic incentive and public private partnership agreement by and between the city of Harvey and Harvey Shopping center LLC.

  • A resolution approving a professional services agreement with SAFEbuilt Illinois, Inc. for building and inspectional services and other services

  • A resolution approving a renewal agreement between the city of Harvey and Property Registration Champions (ProChamps) LLC.

The board then went on to approve meeting minutes from last month and approved bills from Oct. 25. In other news, the board accepted an audit report for the fiscal year ending April 30 2020, though two aldermen abstained from that vote. They could not be reached in time for comment.
Harvey regular city council meeting: October 25, 2021

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