Haas presents bill to provide ‘safe, affordable and clean energy’ to Pembroke Township

Jackie Haas
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Haas presents bill to provide ‘safe, affordable and clean energy’ to Pembroke Township (Pembroke, IL) – Pembroke Township residents could gain access to natural gas service if House Bill 3040 — legislation sponsored by state Rep. Jackie Haas (R-Kankakee) — becomes law.

Haas took to her official Facebook page to discuss the natural gas service bill, the first legislation she has presented and had passed as a lawmaker.

“If enacted into law, it will not only provide safe, affordable and clean energy to residents, but it will also encourage economic development, attract new businesses and create jobs,” Haas said in the April 16 post.

In a statement posted to her website, Haas said that the legislation would make real a decades-old dream of bringing natural gas service to Pembroke Township. The 2,100 residents of the township have to rely on propane, wood-burning stoves and space heaters for heating their homes.

Haas said she was grateful for the bipartisan interest the bill has received and humbled by the support other representatives have shown for the effort. She also thanked state Sen. Patrick Joyce (D-Park Forest), who will carry the bill to the upper chamber.

In closing remarks delivered before the state House, Haas said that the Pembroke community has been fighting to have resources reach them throughout her life. She said that natural gas service would improve the lives of residents directly, provide a cleaner energy source to them and help the local economy.


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