Funding Marks the Start of 2021 in Dolton with New Software and Cares Act


Funding Marks the Start of 2021 in Dolton (Dolton, Illinois). In the first Regular Board Meeting of 2021, the Village of Dolton Board of Trustees approves a Computer Software and Services Contract with Civic Systems, LLC. According to The Village of Dolton IT Director, Derek Blocker, the current software is outdated and does not fit the community’s needs.

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There was no debate over the need for the new software, but there was some disagreement over the timeline for the new software. Trustee Tiffany Henyard made a push to delay the software implementation after the forensic audit for fear that the new software system would comprise pre-existing data. Will information be lost during the conversion? Will the transition to the new system hinder plans for future audits?

Civic Systems representatives and IT professionals confirmed that the new system’s implementation would in no way comprise records or hinder a forensic audit.

Implementing the new Civic Systems Software will help streamline the billing process in the water department and increase transparency. Residents will be able to view their bills and usage online and receive notifications for their accounts.

Some of the software features include interfaces with general ledgers, supplemental billing, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, purchase orders, and utility management.

The new software will improve processes across departments such as licensing, permits, and building by decentralizing data entry to improve efficiency.

Cares Act Grant

During the meeting, Village Administrator Elizabeth Scott announced that The Village of Dolton is among the top recipients of The Cares Act Grant Award across the Suburban Cook County Municipalities.

In September 2020, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle urged local government to apply for millions of dollars in relief funds through the Cares Act. Preckwinkle’s call to action came less than one month before the deadline for distributing $51 million.

Cook County received approximately $429 million from the U.S. Treasury from the CARES Act. Under the Act, local government units are eligible to receive funding and distribute these funds to municipalities under this threshold for direct expenses related to coronavirus.

Allocations to each municipality were determined through an equitable lens, considering the municipality’s immediate needs to respond to the pandemic, municipal population, municipal median income, and municipal public health statistics.

Next Meeting

The next virtual Village of Dolton Board of Trustee Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 19 at 6:30 pm.

Funding Marks the Start of 2021 in Dolton


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