Former Indiana Attorney General says Illinois is Soft on Crime

Former Indiana Attorney General says Illinois is Soft on Crime
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Former Indiana Attorney General says Illinois is Soft on Crime (Springfield, IL) (via The Center Square) — The former attorney general of neighboring Indiana is speaking out on how Illinois officials deal with the state’s crime problem.

Curtis Hill, Jr., former Indiana attorney general and an ambassador for the black conservative coalition Project 21, said Chicago mayor-elect Brandon Johnson was a poor choice by voters as he “listens to the cries of criminals and hoods instead of the pleas for help from honest citizens wanting to live in peace.”

Hill pointed to Johnson’s response to the April 15 riot in Chicago. Hoards of teens smashed windows, climbed onto vehicles and harassed tourists in the Chicago Loop. Two teenagers were shot in the melee.

Johnson has refused to condemn the rioters and said the young people were acting out of desperation.

“They’re young. Sometimes they make silly decisions, and so we have to make sure that we are investing to make sure that young people know they are supported,” said Johnson at a press conference in Springfield.

Hill said Lori Lightfoot was voted out of office partly because she was soft on crime.

“And then they turn around and elect someone who appears to be by his responses to be just as bad if not worse when it comes to understanding what it takes to deal with the criminal element,” said Hill to The Center Square.

State Sen. Robert Peters, D-Chicago, also defended the actions of the rioters. He took to Twitter and called the rioting “a mass protest against poverty and segregation.”

Chicago police said plans are in place to prevent further mayhem. A curfew for minors in Millennium Park will be enforced. Anyone under 18 was required to be accompanied by an adult after 4 p.m. Friday.

Another member of Project 21 and co-pastor at Fernwood Community Outreach Church in Chicago, David Lowery, Jr., is not pleased with the voter’s choice for Chicago mayor.

“Johnson will be a puppet for the Chicago Teachers Union and won’t do anything other than follow instructions of the handlers who put him in office. Chicago will continue to suffer because its citizens chose somebody with black skin instead of experience,” said Lowery in a statement.

Former Indiana Attorney General says Illinois is Soft on Crime 


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  1. Just what we don’t need. We don’t need to hear criticism and negative talk coming from the lips of one politician speaking about other politicians.