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Monday, May 23, 2022

Ethics Policy

The Southland Journal is committed to the highest ethical standards. Fairness and accuracy are among our core values. But nothing stands above the need to maintain our integrity. The public’s trust — our most important asset — depends on it. This document provides general guidance to staffers on the many difficult ethical questions that arise in the course of doing our jobs. But because not every situation can be anticipated, it is useful to keep two particular guidelines in mind. 1.) None of us should act in ways that could damage the news organization’s credibility. Many complicated issues – from political involvement to attribution to freelance policy – can be navigated easily with that principle in mind. 2.) Any situation that raises questions of credibility must be discussed with a senior editor (department head, assistant managing editor, managing editor or executive editor). None of us should decide such issues alone. We are all collectively responsible for ethical standards. Any employee who is aware that a fellow staff member has committed ethical violations should immediately bring the matter to the attention of a senior editor.