Dolton School District 149 Celebrates Spirited Institute Day, Highlights Annual Achievements

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Dolton School District 149 Celebrates Spirited Institute Day, Highlights Annual Achievements (Calumet City, IL) — South suburban Dolton School District 149 celebrated a spirited teacher and staff Institute Day on August 14 and 15, where the spirit of unity, continuous growth, and self-care took center stage.

Under this year’s lively theme, “Let’s Do More in 24,” the district inaugurated the academic year with unyielding passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to education, according to Superintendent Dr. Maureen White.

“Our Institute Day was much more than professional training. It was a celebration of our unity, our passion, and our shared mission,” said Dr. White. “We started the academic year not just as a district but as a family, committed to helping our students achieve more every single day.”

Upon arrival, school administrators warmly greeted every staff member, symbolically “caping” them as superheroes.

Both days were meticulously structured, balancing professional development with emotional well-being. Day one was a blend of engaging tasks, with special attention given to personal well-being and self-care. Day two emphasized professional development, offering curricula trainings and workshops.

“The pervasive school spirit presentations, combined with self-care keynote speakers and I-Ready presenters focusing on the new math curriculum, ensured that the sessions were not only educational but also entertaining and uplifting,” said Dr. White.

Looking back at the previous school year, Dr. White highlighted several standout moments and achievements:

  • Instructional Rounds: Educators embraced vulnerability, opening their classrooms for observation and readily accepting feedback. Their dedication ensured students thrived, and the results speak for themselves.
  • Small Group Instruction: Emphasis on small group instruction was prioritized. Based on its impact, Dolton 149 will continue this initiative.
  • Celebrations: Dolton 149’s postponed Winter Break party transitioned into a March Madness celebration, and the end-of-year gathering was nothing short of spectacular.
  • Perfect Attendance: Dolton 149 celebrated perfect attendance across the quarters.
  • NWEA Success: In reading, 244 students achieved grade level, marking a 12.3% growth. In mathematics, 500 students moved to grade level, signifying a 25.6% growth.

“As the school year commences, the Dolton School District 149 community remains resolute in its mission to provide quality education, foster unity, and promote self-care,” said Dr. White. “With the bar set high, there’s no doubt that the district’s educators and staff will indeed ‘Do More in 24.'”

Dolton School District 149 Celebrates Spirited Institute Day, Highlights Annual Achievements


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