Discussions Held on Various Agenda Items During Dolton Special Board Meeting

Discussions Held on Various Agenda Items during Dolton Special Board Meeting


Discussions Held on Various Agenda Items During Dolton Special Board Meeting (Dolton, IL) — Citizens and Trustees voiced concerns over how Dolton handles various situations during the May 16 meeting.

Meeting Opening

Mayor Heynard asked the public to keep Trustee Andrew Holmes in their prayers due to a death in his family.

Trustee Edward Steave gave a recap of the Multiple Sclerosis Walk held on May 14. According to Steave, over 300 people attended the walk. Steave, who disclosed he had MS for 11 years, held the event to raise money to help find a cure. He plans to work with The National Multiple Sclerosis Society to make the walk an annual event in Dolton.

“I appreciate everyone coming out to support this weekend event, it was a powerful event. The spirit there was really good and everyone really enjoyed it,” said Steave.

Trustee Tammie Brown gave information about a Sky Clinical Research Network  Alzheimer’s gene screening on Friday, May 27 through Sunday, May 29. Anyone between the ages of 55 to 80 can qualify for $100 to complete screening assessment. More information can be received by contacting Trustee Brown.

Public Comments

Several residents address the Mayor and Trustees regarding various concerns. Some of the concerns included updating a guide that focuses on the history of the village, receiving information to share with residents, and animal control of deer.

Jamilah Taylor, an employee in the public works department for the village, addressed the public regarding an image of himself circulating on Facebook with a negative context. Taylor described the incident as embarrassing and traumatic.

“I am not my past,” said Taylor. “I bust my butt every day on the job with the opportunity I was given.”

Taylor apologized to Heynard because he viewed the post was an attempt to use his past against her. Taylor was supported by several members of the organization, Ex-Cons for Community and Social Change (ECCSC).

According to the ECCSC website, the organization is rebuilding the city by engaging with communities at a person to-person level and advocating for social change. Founder Tyrone Muhammad addressed the board

“Here’s a man that’s an example of your city of what real reformation looks like and that should be applauded and commended,” said Muhammad.

Meeting Agenda Discussion

During the discussion of Ordinance 22- adopting the 2022-2023 Annual Appropriation Ordinance/Budget, Trustee Jason House suggested that the discussion be pushed into a finance committee meeting.

According to Mayor Heynard, the item was put up for discussion two weeks previously. There was a public hearing, but no progress was made.


Trustee Kiana Belcher voiced concern on approving the budget.

“At this moment right now, I am uncomfortable to even attempt to approve this budget because of what I’ve seen over the last ten months has put me into a scare of where we will be by December at the rate at which things are going,” said Belcher.

Heynard replied by saying that it wasn’t a vote but a discussion.

“The Board of trustees can decide if they want to vote on it or discuss, right now it is up on the table for discussion only, so if you have any questions you can ask them now. Instead of everyone backpiling about what department heads aren’t answering or not saying, now is your opportunity to ask them whatever your question may be,” said Heynard.

After more conversation between Heynard and Belcher about the subject, Trustee Steave commented on how the budget process went in previous years. Each item on the budget was examined line by line.

“We cannot pass this without it being public. It’s not on the website. This is $26 million of village finances, of taxpayers money that we can’t just brush off like it is something easy. All we’re asking is to take the time like we did last year,” said Steave.

Steave called for transparency in the budget process. Heynard reinforced trustees had enough time to review the budget and come prepared with questions.

“If we’re not going to discuss the budget, there is no need to waste anymore of the people’s time as we talk about the things on the agenda,” said Heynard.

After more responses from Steave, Heynard, Trustee Brittney Norwood, and Trustee Tammie Brown, the discussion was tabled.

Similar discussions took place on the agenda item approving the Block by Block Program, the update on AARPA funds and the discussion of citizen address and response. No motion was made on the items. The discussions were tabled.

Other items on the agenda included:

  • Update on inspection fees for multi-unit rentals to be $55 for residents
  • Executive Session discussion regarding the appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees.
  • Executive Session discussion regarding pending or probable or imminent litigation

The next meeting is scheduled for June 6. Meetings are held at 6:30 pm at 14122 Chicago Road, Dolton, IL 60419

Discussions Held on Various Agenda Items During Dolton Special Board Meeting

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