Devore Lifts the Spending Caps In Attorney General Race

Devore Lifts the Spending Caps In Attorney General Race


Devore Lifts the Spending Caps In Attorney General Race (Greenville, IL) — Greenville, Illinois litigator and GOP nominee for Attorney General Tom Devore’s $250,000 contribution this afternoon to his campaign has lifted spending caps in the race for Attorney General.

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Devore issued the following statement about the investment in his race

“I am not afraid to put my money where my mouth is in this race. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past 3 year it’s that the people of Illinois desperately need a check on power in state government.

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“While I’m not the only one who can fight, I’m the one in the arena. And I am all in for the fight against Kwame Raoul, JB Pritzker and the overbearing political class that protected power at the expense of hardworking families and businesses in this state. I’m all in for the people of Illinois. Let’s go.” 

From Tom Devore’s Website

In Illinois, the powerful have protected the powerful for far too long. Whether it was former Attorney General Lisa Madigan protecting Mike Madigan and his political machine or Kwame Raoul protecting JB Pritzker, the lack of true checks and balances between the governor’s office and the attorney general’s office has created a system where insiders are untouchable and the people of Illinois get hurt.

Tom DeVore is running for office to be a check on unchecked power and corruption. As a private practice lawyer, his legal arguments were simple – follow the law. As Attorney General,  he will make sure that those in power follow the same laws they pass for the rest of us.

Governor Pritzker’s top-down approach to government left parents with no voice in decisions being made about their children’s health. When no one else would stand up to question the Governor, Tom DeVore stood with parents to demand an Illinois court weigh in on the constitutionality of the Governor’s orders. As a result, parents got back some of the power Governor Pritzker tried to take away.

Devore Lifts the Spending Caps In Attorney General Race

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