Cook County Sheriff’s Office Hosts Largest Free Vehicle Light Repair Event

Cook County Sheriff’s Office Hosts Largest Free Vehicle Light Repair Event

Cook County Sheriff’s Office Hosts Largest Free Vehicle Light Repair Event (Richton Park, IL) – The Cook County Sheriff’s Office is hosting a free Vehicle Light Repair Event – the largest to date with more than 60 participants registered. The goal of the program is to help community members in Cook County get their vehicle lights, such as taillights, headlights, and license plate lights, fixed for free. These repairs help to avoid tickets, fees, and traffic stops all while improving road safety.

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Members of the Cook County Sheriff’s Community Engagement Team and Richton Township community members will be on hand. The event will take place Thursday, November 18, 2021 at 22013 Governors Highway, Richton Park, IL 60471. Proper COVID-19 precautions will be observed, including social distancing, appropriate use of face masks, and hand sanitization.

*Community registration for the event on November 18th in Richton Park is closed.

The Sheriff’s Office has made long-term investments in non-traditional law enforcement programs. The Sheriff’s Car Light Replacement Program falls into this non-traditional model.

CCSO mechanics provide the expertise necessary to replace defective and missing lights on vehicles. Replacing broken bulbs reduces the number of traffic-related stops and removes some auto repair costs. It also eliminates court costs and associated fees.

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To participate in future repair programs you can sign up here.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to challenging injustice, fighting the violence plaguing our communities, and bringing a thoughtful approach to public service. We offer a number of programs and services to the communities of Cook County.  These services have been created in coordination with community members and for community members. They serve the underserved, provide safety and security, and expose our young citizens to valuable lessons and experiences.


The Community Resource Center (CRC) is a virtual supportive services initiative created and launched by Sheriff Tom Dart, in direct response to the increase in critical situations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, to connect individuals to resources in their communities. The CRC will leverage new and existing community partnerships to provide linkages to members of the community to address an individual’s unique mental health, substance abuse, housing, mortgage/rental assistance, trauma, domestic violence, and/or employment and financial needs, regardless of his/her/their involvement in the justice system.

Cook County Sheriff’s Office Hosts Largest Free Vehicle Light Repair Event

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