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Commissioner Sean Morrison’s Statement on the IL Appellate Court Ruling on Jussie Smollett

PRESS RELEASE: 17th District, Cook County Commissioner Sean Morrison's Statement On Illinois Appellate Court's Ruling To Release Jussie Smollett

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Commissioner Sean Morrison’s Statement on the IL Appellate Court Ruling on Jussie Smollett (Orland Park, IL) — For the Appellate Court to let Jussie Smollett walk out the door yesterday, pending his appeal, is appalling. Once again, Cook County citizens are left questioning the competence and integrity of our judiciary after repeatedly being misled by State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, and exposed to her gross incompetence, and failure to perform the duties of her elected office.
The sentence handed down last week was fair and equitable, considering the gravity and calculated nature of Mr. Smollett’s exploits in his hate crime hoax. The Appellate Court’s ruling demonstrates the recurrent failures of our judicial system. Whether it is the Appellate Court or State’s Attorney Kim Foxx — public safety and holding those convicted of crimes accountable for their lawlessness, is disregarded. Most importantly, these misguided rulings and decisions come at a steep cost to the people of Cook County — and that cost is their safety and tax dollars.

Sean Morrison Believes Smollett Received Celebrity Treatment

It is my view Jussie Smollett, yet again, received “celebrity treatment” by the Cook County legal system caused by political pressure and influence, and a lackluster acting performance by Smollett himself. Not only does this decision further diminish the integrity of our legal institutions — it will also only serve to draw-out this embarrassment even further and provide a platform for Mr. Smollett to continue his delusional re-scripting of the truth with disparaging lies to avoid accountability for his despicable actions.
Mr. Smollett should serve out his brief 150-day sentence so the citizens of Cook County can finally close the book on this shameful chapter. Never forget this important fact — this entire fiasco began when Jussie Smollett made the disgraceful decision to orchestrate a hate crime hoax, which was further perpetuated when the political backroom dealing and cover-up by State’s Attorney Kim Foxx was exposed to the public. The Smollett/Foxx attempt to gaslight the people of Cook County and re-write the facts of this case will not change that.
Commissioner Sean Morrison’s Statement on the IL Appellate Court Ruling on Jussie Smollett
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  1. There’s enough blame to go around. Finally he had his day in court and duly sentence. Then the appellate Court reversed it. I don’t know why the appellate Court did what it did but the justice system is broke. And not just Cook county it’s all over.

  2. He’s concerned about tax payer dollars, but a man that “Supposed to have lied to the police” to do jail time instead of community service. Jail time is what cost tax payer dollars! Not community service. Have they put everyone that has lied to the police in jail? I doubt it! This is just another man that is filled with hate and is trying to stand by the City of Chicago’s lie that then Superintendent Eddie Johnson started arcustrated early in the investigation! The Appeal Court Judges did the right thing by releasing him. No more tax payer dollars will be spent on housing and feeding and extra security for him.

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