Clergy Statewide are Loving David Moore for Illinois Secretary of State

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David Moore supported by clergy

Clergy Statewide Are Loving David Moore for Illinois Secretary of State (CHICAGO, IL) Illinois Secretary of State candidate David Moore received some love this Valentine’s Day when 45 statewide clergy agreed to endorse him for the open seat being vacated by longtime officeholder Jesse White.

The clergy said after taking time to reflect on who would be the best person to replace White, they decided on Moore who they know to be a man of faith from his long association with Chicago’s Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church. Moore became a deacon under the late Rev. Clay Evans. He continues to serve Fellowship’s current pastor, Rev. Reginald Sharpe.

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“I support some candidates because of their minds and I support some candidates because of their hearts. I trust the heart of David Moore,” says Rev. Sharpe, who became pastor of Fellowship three years ago. “He has been an advocate and an ally of the disinvested residents of Chicago for many, many years. He’s a Christian man with Christian values that align with making sure the marginalized communities are taken care of and protected.”

Sharpe says it is because of Moore’s heart that it is easy to support the ideas and plans that come from his mind.

Another of Moore’s long time spiritual leaders, Rev. Stephen Thurston of New Covenant M.B. Church says the 17th Ward alderman has prepared himself for this position.

“He’s been a great and marvelous individual as an alderman and he’s prepared to do the same thing for the people of Illinois,” states Thurston.

West Side clergy, Rev. Michael Eaddy, of People’s Church of the Harvest C.O.G.I.C, says Moore has been active in the community even before he decided to run for office.

“I believe he has a commitment to people in Chicago and I believe he will be sensitive to the needs of all Illinoisans,” explains Eaddy. “I believe that David Moore has the acumen and the compassion to fill the role of secretary of state.”

Borrowing from a biblical quote, Chief Apostle William McCoy, of Brothers Keeper Outreach Church in Chicago Heights says he believes this is Moore’s season.

“There’s a time when everything needs to be fresh and renewed and I like the vision and enthusiasm of David Moore and most of all the faith. He is a man of faith,” emphasizes Apostle McCoy.

Moore says he is honored to receive the ringing endorsement of so many clergy and hopes more will support his candidacy.

“I have been traveling the state for nine months meeting with as many people as possible. It means a lot to have the clergy see me as one of their own and are vowing to spread the word about their support,” Moore responds.

Clergy Statewide Are Loving David Moore for Illinois Secretary of State 

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