Chicago Public Schools Gives Response to CTU in Regards to Ongoing Negotiations

Chicago Public Schools Gives Response to CTU in Regards to Ongoing Negotiations


Chicago Public Schools Gives Response to CTU in Regards to Ongoing Negotiations (Chicago, IL) Chicago Public Schools received a proposal from the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) this afternoon toward ending their illegal strike. We recognize that we are growing closer on many important issues. We’re confident that continued negotiations will support the return to in-person learning next week. Students need to be back in their schools, where it’s safe, as soon as possible. That’s what parents want. That’s what the science supports.

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The below summarizes our response to the CTU’s proposal as of Saturday afternoon and we look forward to continued negotiations to reach an agreement. This evening, CPS sent its proposal back to CTU:


  1. Resumption of In-person Instruction: Students and staff must return in person on Monday, January 10.


  1. Masking:  In addition to medical-grade masks and other PPE already being provided, CPS agrees to provide KN95 masks for staff and students. The parties agree on this proposal.


  1. Health Screeners: Schools may decide to reinstate the health screener in place during the 2020-2021 school year at their school. The parties agree on this proposal.


  1. District-Wide Remote Learning: CPS does not agree to CTU’s proposal to pause in-person learning on a district-wide basis because it is not currently authorized by law to conduct a district-wide pause and a remote learning period.


  1. School-by-School Remote Learning: CPS agrees that the transition to remote learning should be made on a school-by-school basis. CPS is setting thresholds for when schools transition to remote learning that allow for student and staff safety, and also avoid needlessly sending students, especially vaccinated students, into remote learning. CPS also agrees that staff should report to work in person whenever a school has transitioned to remote learning.


  1. Testing: CPS already provides free testing at every school every week to students and staff. CPS will continue to do so and will make available sufficient testing resources to test 10% of students each week. CPS will also offer screening to all staff during the week of January 10, 2022. Additionally, CPS and CTU will jointly work to increase unvaccinated student participation in screening testing. In addition, with parental consent, CPS will provide onsite testing for students who report to the school care room with COVID-19 symptoms. CPS will offer screening testing at the school for asymptomatic staff and students on a set schedule within the first five calendar days after the school has transitioned to remote.


  1. Substitutes:  CPS is addressing coverage issues by providing various incentives to encourage substitute teachers to accept assignments, including up to $1,000 stipends.


  1. Accommodations.  CPS will allow staff members to take a job-protected unpaid leave of absence if they are at increased risk for serious complications due to COVID-19, and unable to get a  vaccination and booster. The parties agree on this proposal.


  1. Contact Tracing.  In addition to the central office contact tracing team already in place, each CPS Network will have a team of school-based staff to provide additional resources for contact tracing at the schools.


  1. Make-Up Days and Resolution of Litigation. CPS does not agree to CTU’s demand that employees who refused to report to work in-person be paid for those days.


  1. Expedited Arbitration. CPS does not agree to CTU’s proposal to create a new arbitration process and instead defers to the parties’ collective bargaining agreement and its existing grievance and arbitration provision.

Chicago Public Schools Gives Response to CTU in Regards to Ongoing Negotiations


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