Chicago Heights City Council Meeting: 09/02/2021

Chicago Heights City Council Meeting: 09/04/2021


Chicago Heights City Council Meeting: 09/02/2021 (Chicago Heights, IL) – The City Council meeting was called to order at 6:05 by Mayor David Gonzalez. First Ward Alderman Renee Smith, 2nd Ward Alderman Sonia Perez, 3rd Ward Alderman Wanda Rodgers, 4th Ward Alderman Christopher Baikauskas, 5th Ward Alderman George Brassea, 6th Ward Alderman Vincent Zaranti, and 7th Ward Alderman Kelli Merrick were present.  Also present was the Chief of Staff Karen Zerante and Corporation Counsel Thomas “TJ” Somer.  The meeting was held in person at the Bloom Township Center, located at 425 Halsted Street, Chicago Heights, IL.

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he meeting began with roll call.  After all of the Aldermen confirmed that they were present, every person in the meeting was asked to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  After the Pledge of Allegiance, each Alderman gave a report.  The reports were as follows:

  • The 1st Ward Alderman has partnered with Dr. Lisa Lloyd and the Barack Obama School of Leadership and Stem in Chicago Heights.  Her Ward meeting will be held there on September 11, 2021 at 11:00 am.  All residents are invited to attend.
  • The 2nd Ward Alderman reported that her Ward meeting will be held at Garfield Elementary School in Chicago Heights on September 27th at 7:00pm.  All residents of the 2nd Ward are welcomed to attend.
  • Third Ward Alderman Wanda Rodgers is partnering with 6th Ward Alderman Vincent Zaranti to provide Covid 19 vaccines to all residents that would like to receive one.  The vaccinations will be given on September 11, 2021 from 9:00am to 1:00pm at the Bloom Township Center.  The vaccines are free of charge with the 2nd dose being scheduled for October 6, 2021 at the Park District.
  • The 4th Ward Alderman reported that his Ward meeting will be held at the Roosevelt School on August 27th at 6:00pm.  All residents are welcome to attend.
  • The 5th Ward Alderman Congratulated the Mayor on being selected as Mayor of the Year. by the Southland Black Chamber of Commerce. He also thanked the Chief of Staff for her help with some special projects that his Ward needed assistance with.
  • The 6th Ward Alderman reported that his Ward meeting will be held at Commissioners Park on September 30, 2021.  He also wanted to extend his thanks to all of the City’s Departments and the Chief of Staff for their tireless work to support all of the Wards of the City.
  • The 7th Ward Alderman reported that her Ward is hosting a Ward Garage Sale on Saturday, September 18, 2021.  She is sponsoring the first 15 permits in an effort to encourage participation.

After the reports were completed, the floor was opened for Public Participation.  Mr. Charles Lambert approached the podium and expressed concern about the flooding in Ford Heights and about the health of the maple trees in the City.  The Council members heard his concerns.

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The Chief of Staff began her report after Mr. Lambert was finished speaking.  She reported that the tree trimming project was still ongoing.  There are 164 trees throughout the city that are either dead, dying, or a hazard that will be removed.  If any residents have questions, they are welcome to contact City Hall. In addition, the street sweeping program has been concluded and has received positive feedback from the residents.  She is looking forward to the 2nd sweeping, which is scheduled for the fall. The 50/50 Sidewalk program is still underway.  The program is designed to address dangerous and lifted sidewalks.  The program is scheduled to continue into the early fall.  The hydrant program is still in progress.  The City flushed the hydrants and a contractor is sandblasting, priming, and painting them.  Lastly, the Municipal App is up and running.  The announcement is on the city’s website, and residents will also receive an announcement with their water bills encouraging them to download the app. She is also able to provide the Aldermen with an email template that they can send to their residents with instructions to download the app if they like.

The Council motioned to accept the minutes from the last meeting.  The motion passed unanimously.  They also motioned to approve the bills for the City.  The motion passed unanimously.  There were a number of resolutions presented to the Council.  The Corporation Counsel provided details on each one as needed.  The specific resolutions are:  #2021-89, #2021-90, #2021-91, #2021-92, #2021-92, #2021-93, #2021-94, #2021-95, #2021-96, #2021-97, and #2021-98 the details of each resolution can be found in the City Council Meeting Agenda.  Each resolution passed unanimously.  The meeting adjourned at 6:50pm.

Chicago Heights City Council Meeting: 09/02/2021

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