Chicago Heights City Council Meeting: 07/07/2021

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Chicago Heights City Council Meeting: 07/07/2021 (Chicago Heights, IL) – An underlying theme of teamwork with the goal of revitalization, involving all aspects of the community was understated at this weeks Chicago Heights City Council Meeting.  The meeting was the first in person meeting since the State issued strict Covid 19 guidelines, which meant evolving into virtual meetings, phone calls, emails and the like.

The meeting addressed some key issues such as tree removal, tree planting, sewer work and new traffic safety signage in certain areas.  A major focus point was the Beacon Hill neighborhood, which has an abundance of outstanding issues, but requires the communities input.  The input will come from the people who live in the city, not just the city officials. For example, a vacant home is not only an eyesore, but also a safety hazard, along with bringing down the property value.  A firm budget and good management is required in order to address these issues properly.

Another focus is not only the cosmetic issues but the safety concerns.  Ford Heights is already policed by the Cook County Sheriff Department, and pretty soon, the 911 emergency telephone system board will also be shifted over Cook County.

Change is a gradual process and this may be a beneficial situation for all.

Lastly, there will be a new bicycle shop to open on Dixie Highway which will prove to be a good fit in the community.  There will be a bike event coming soon in Chicago Heights and the owner of this shop should expect to have a high demand for his services.  Other events are also planned including a Back to School Giveaway.

Change is good and the time is right, with the continued unified efforts at all levels of City government, there will be projects and changes that you will not only hear about but witness from beginning to the end. The residents of Chicago Heights can find out more on the City Hall’s website and also download a new mobile app.

Chicago Heights City Council Meeting: 07/07/2021


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