Candidate Interview: Antonio Timothee for Dupage Township Trustee

Candidate Interview: Antonio Timothee, Dupage Township Trustee
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Candidate Interview: Antonio Timothee, Dupage Township Trustee (DuPage TWP, IL) – Mr. Antonio Timothee sat down for an interview with The Southland Journal tonight. He outlined issues within the current and past township administrations. In addition, Timothee talked about what he plans to do when he gets elected. He is running on the We Care slate with several other candidates.

Inspiration to Run for Trustee

Timothee spoke passionately about what inspired him to run in this year’s township election. He said that given the issues that have come to light in the last two years, he is trying to do what’s best for the township. Timothee spoke highly of Trustee Alyssia Benford, who is currently running for Supervisor on the same slate, saying of her, “There are people who will fight for what is right, stick their necks out for you.”

This is Timothee’s first time running for public office. He recounted that he started attending township meetings a couple of years ago. Moreover, he quickly became intrigued by the township, what it does, and how hard some trustees were fighting for it.

Past Issues in DuPage Township

Timothee summarized some of the issues that have cropped up in the last few years within DuPage Township’s leadership. Explaining, he said, “There was some funny business going on,” when talking about a lack of transparency, questionable spending, and purposefully vague budgets.

He added that these spending issues were first brought to light by Trustee Benford. There is apparently an investigation underway with the Illinois State’s Attorney’s office and FBI.

Furthermore, Timothee brought up concerns with the General Assistance Fund. He explained that the fund is controlled by the Township Supervisor without oversight. According to Timothee, the fund needs to be used wisely and responsibly. This is something that has not happened in the past.

Why Antonio Timothee & the We Care Slate?

Timothee expressed that his background in construction gives him the tools needed to do what’s best for DuPage Township. His 25 years in the construction field as a project manager and foreman have given him an understanding of budgets and spending allocations & distribution. He quipped, “It’s simple, two plus two equals four.”

Timothee said that he is hoping that by changing the dynamic of the board, the future DuPage Township won’t have to worry about unchecked spending. He believes that the We Care slate will provide a platform for transparency that will set precedence in the township for future administrations. “No one on this slate is looking to pad their pockets,” he implored. Additionally, Timothee mentioned that he currently sits on the Building, Assets and Grounds Committee and serves as its secretary.

The “We Care” (standing for Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Excellence) slate is headed by current Trustee Alyssia Benford. She is running for supervisor. The following are the rest of the candidates on the slate:

  • Trustee – Antonio Timothee
  • Trustee – Larrick Monte
  • Trustee – Dennis Raga
  • Trustee – Teaquicia ‘Tea’ Ward
  • Assessor – Jean Kelly
  • Clerk – Deborah Willians
  • Collector – Enrique Veguilla

DuPage Township’s Role

Townships are often the most overlooked form of government and taxing body. When asked of his thoughts on letting tax-payers know more about the township and its role, Timothee exclaimed, “We exist! The township exists!” He further explained that citizens typically don’t know what the township does until they are in need of some of its services, namely assistance with housing or utility bills. He also pointed out that the township offers food assistance and maintains some roads.

Timothee also stated that he wants citizens to be more involved, saying, “Want citizens to come out. We want them to ask questions.”

Furthermore, he said that tax-payers need to understand what their tax dollars are being spent on. “We don’t want them to feel as if it’s something that’s over their heads.”

Timothee’s Personal Life

Antonio Timothee is a happily married to his wife. Together, they have four girls. He is also a proud grandfather. In his spare time, he likes to work with his hands, avidly restoring cars, especially British cars. He proudly stated that he is the owner of a classic Jaguar. He also enjoys helping his neighbors and friends with their car troubles.

Timothee mentioned that his family and wife are very supportive of him running for office. When asked about his future in politics and whether the township was the end of his political career, Timothee was unsure. “Right now, I’m 50-50 on that. I would like a future in politics, I have a passion for it.”

Candidate Interview: Antonio Timothee, Dupage Township Trustee


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