Business in Markham Grows but Better Regulation is Needed

Business in Markham Grows but Better Regulation is Needed


Business in Markham Grows but Better Regulation is Needed (Markham, IL) — With Markham being home to the world’s largest Amazon fulfillment center, income and opportunities for growth are promising for the city. However, the first city council meeting for November has brought up the issue of better procedures and systems for businesses.

Bloom Twp Senior Wheels

During his report, Mayor Roger Agpawa mentioned the challenges as the city grows and aims to do better business.

One challenge regards home-based businesses that store heavy machinery that weigh over a certain amount, such as dual-axle trucks or trailers, in residential areas. While the businesses have long operated in a certain way, the damage to the streets and disturbance to the neighbors has become an issue.

While the issue is pressing, Alderman Rondal Jones advocated for a grandfather clause for longstanding businesses, which Mayor Agpawa agreed with, understanding the need for a peaceful transition.

A major concern was Paycheck Protection Program loans. Each council member shared their views on the recent report by CBS news concerning 1422 unlicensed businesses who received the loan.

“I think that we do have people in this country, not to mention locally here in Markham, that’s taken advantage of the system,” said Mayor Agpawa.

The consensus was that the city must have better regulations in place to prevent fraud, which hurts the community. The city council called for the same level of accountability their constituents require of them.

Food Trucks

During city clerk’s report, a legitimate business, Shuggles Shack Shack LLC, was approved for a business license. The business is a mobile food truck that will mainly serve residents in the 1st ward.

A brief discussion was held about the number of food trucks versus the number of brick-and-mortar businesses. Alderwoman Brenna Hampton-Houser is in favor of bringing in food trucks to serve the community.

“We want to integrate new ideas and new businesses in our community. When COVID-19 took place, a lot of individuals had to reinvent themselves, and some individuals reinvented themselves through the food trucks, ” says Alderwoman Hampton-Houser.

The idea is that food trucks will be strategically placed at locations where they can develop a following and profit, but not interfere with established restaurants. Some possible locations mentioned were by the Markham Courthouse and by Advocate South Suburban Hospital.

City Administrator and Economic Development Director Derrick Champion reminded individuals to apply for jobs at the new Amazon Fulfillment center. The facility can train 200 employees at time.

November 17 is the first ship day and following, on November 28, the facility is going into full shipment. Interested individuals can text ‘chicagonow9’ to 77088 to receive updates.

Other Agenda Items

Other items on the agenda included:

  • A resolution approving the extension and renewal of the re-proclamation and declaration of a continued local state of emergency with the city of Markham and approving the mayor’s determination regarding modifications to in-person meetings in response to the pandemic
  • An ordinance amending ordinance 19-O-2208 of the Markham Code of Ordinances (Designated city officials authorized to execute checks and financial documents)
  • Honoring several long-standing members of the community who have recently died.

Business in Markham Grows but Better Regulation is Needed


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