Bulls beat Pistons to tip off the season 


Bulls beat Pistons to tip off the season (Detroit, Michigan) – After the perfect 4-0 pre-season record the Bulls were ready to tip off with their Central Division rivals, the Detroit Pistons at the Little Caesars Arena.  Bulls Head Coach, Billy Donovan, has a very young, and quick team on his hands and so he was implementing higher playing time for starters.  In the 1st quarter the Bulls struggled to make a 3-pointer with Nikola Vucevic, Zach LaVine, Lonzo Ball, and Alex Caruso all having a shot outside the arc and missing.  All but one field goal was made outside of the paint.  In the 2nd quarter the Bulls spread out there shooting strategy and with the help of Caruso and LaVine both making a 3-pointer they managed to hold on with the score at 44-40 Pistons by the half.   

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Bulls Down at The Half 

In the 3rd quarter Vucevic made a great hook shot to tie up the game.  The Bulls slowly realized that their team is faster than the Piston’s, so they started to extend the lead with fast break points in the 3rd and 4th quarter.  The Bulls had beat the Pistons 94-88 in the first game of the season.  By the end of the game the Bulls had racked up 15 points on fast breaks with LaVine as points leader with 34 points.  The Bulls offense was putting up numbers in the paint as well as steals down the court.  The Bulls aloud the Pistons to score 44 points in each half with the Bulls defense keeping up with the game.  Caruso alone had 4 steals and 2 block throughout the game.  The Bulls made 46 points in the paint, 10 bench points with a field goal percentage of 43.0%, a 3-point percentage of 30.4%, and a free throw percentage of 86.7%.  The Bulls showed Chicago that they are young, quick, and ready to play basketball with the first official season game being a win.  Bulls will fly home victorious with the final score at 94-88.

Up Next 

The Bulls will be facing the Pelicans Friday (10/22/2021) at 7:00pm CST in Chicago. 

Bulls beat Pistons to tip off the season 


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