Black Conservative Federation Appoints a Vice-President

Black Conservative Federation Appoints a Vice-President

Black Conservative Federation Appoints a Vice-President (Washington, D.C.) – Black Conservative Federation Ohio State Director, Colin Jackson has been promoted to Vice President of Political Affairs. Created as part of its 2022 midterm strategy, the new role will help streamline BCF’s political resources and provide guidance to local grassroots efforts and campaign activity.

In his most recent role as Director of Minority Engagement, he handled the execution of the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County’s Minority Outreach Initiative designed to increase the visibility and relationship between minority communities and conservative values.

A former U.S. Senate staffer and senior field director for Americans for Prosperity, Jackson’s extensive experience managing political programs made him an obvious choice for the job.

Significant Inroads

“The Republican Party made significant inroads during the 2020 election cycle,” said Jackson,

“BCF is uniquely positioned to not just build upon a strategy that actually worked, we can mobilize communities around common sense conservative issues. It’s a huge platform to lead in a substantive way and I remain humbled by the opportunity.”

Colin Jackson is the President of his local Urban League Guild, the lone conservative voice within his NAACP branch. is a Cleveland, Ohio native and University of Kentucky graduate.

“In 2020, BCF knocked over 300,000 doors across the country in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. In 2024, we plan to double, if not, triple that amount.”- BCF President, Diante Johnson

Targeting Voters

“We believe that the most effective way to target voters in the community is to be on the ground listening and sharing ideas on the best solutions to their issues. At BCF, we have a strategic grassroots offering that has proven to increase voter turnout and support. Our ability to mobilize passionate volunteers and paid activists is second to none.”- BCF Executive Vice President, Quenton Jordan

“Colin is an impressive individual. His credentials speaks for himself. He will be an amazing addition to our Executive Leadership Team.”

Black Conservative Federation Appoints a Vice-President

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