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Silence DoGood

"If any Person . . . will give a true Account of Mrs. Silence Dogood, whether Dead or alive, Married or unmarried, in Town or Country, . . . they shall have Thanks for their Pains."

Will County Man Pleads Guilty, Sentenced for Sexual Assault of a Child

“This sentencing highlights the importance of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force in tracking down and prosecuting individuals who assault and exploit children..." #jeremycoates

Rush and Duckworth Reintroduce Bill To Take on Gun Violence Epidemic

“Gun violence has needlessly claimed the lives of too many children, and I have repeatedly introduced this commonsense legislation to prevent more families’ lives being shattered by bullets,” Rep. Rush said. #duckworth #rush

Orland Park Police Arrest Pair of Commercial Burglars

Video evidence revealed that several subjects smashed the front window with a sledge hammer and stole several cases of high-end champagne... #orlandpark

Urban League of Northwest Indiana to Host Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Symposium May 17th

Urban League of Northwest Indiana to Host Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Symposium May 17th (Valparaiso, IN) – The Urban League of Northwest Indiana will...

Irvin: Corruption Thrives in Pritzker’s Illinois

“The award for ‘most corrupt city’ is clearly thanks to J.B. Pritzker’s enabling of the Madigan criminal enterprise..." #corruption

Illinois Family Action Endorses Shestokas for Illinois Attorney General

David believes that the Attorney General is the people’s lawyer and not the governor’s or the government’s. He has an agenda to Make Crime Illegal Again..." #illinoisattorneygeneral

Congressional Candidate Pastor Chris Butler Speaks at Dr. Willie Wilson’s Religious Freedom Press Conference

“This mayor here closed our churches and ticketed them, but did not close the marijuana businesses, that is totally wrong” says Wilson.  #williewilson

Congressional Candidate and University of Chicago Economics Graduate, Niki Conforti, on Inflation

The Federal Reserve’s and the White House’s lack of early action to these inflationary concerns has hurt the American people – and we will all pay the price for their inaction.  #nikiconforti

Chicago Woman Charged with Gunrunning

The Sheriff’s Police Gun Investigation Team traced the weapons and learned that Jessica Patterson, 31, was the original purchaser of four of the firearms... #gunrunning

Justice Rita B. Garman Announces Retirement from Illinois Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has constitutional authority to fill interim judicial vacancies and has appointed another trailblazing justice, Fourth District Appellate Justice Lisa Holder White, to fill Justice Garman’s seat. #illinoiscourts

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