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Monday, May 23, 2022


Russell Simmons

Sports writer and communicator

Bulls on 4 Game Win Streak

In the 4th, the Bulls scored 37 points while holding the Spurs to 20-points.

Bulls Win Against OKC, Winners of 3 in a Row

The Bulls took the court against the Thunder, and brought the lightning. #ChicagoBulls

Bulls Win Against Timberwolves in 4th Quarter Surge

The final score was 134 – 122. #ChicagoBulls

Bulls Break 2-Game Losing Streak with Big Win Against Hornets

The Bulls, anxious to break their 2-game losing streak, took the court with aggression

Bulls Take Another Loss at Home

The Bulls put up an incredible fight, scoring 41 points in the 4th while holding the Suns to 25 points. #ChicagoBulls

Bulls Lose to the 76ers at the United Center

The 76ers beat the Bulls 119 – 108. #ChicagoBulls

Bulls Lose in OT to Raptors

The Bulls struggled to gain major traction in the 1st quarter #ChicagoBulls

Bulls Beat Magic at Home

By the half the Magic trailed the Bulls 70 – 63 #ChicagoBulls

Bulls Score Big in Victory Over Trail Blazers

Going into the final quarter, the Bulls had the lead with the score at 104 -92.

Bulls Take a Tough Loss in Florida

After the Bulls' very close loss to the Bucks, the Bulls traveled to Orlando to face the Magic. #ChicagoBulls

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