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Quinton R. Arthur

Quinton R. Arthur is a creative spirit. He received his Bachelor of Arts in English from Northern Illinois University, and his Master of Science in Journalism from Roosevelt University. Quinton is an avid reader and connoisseur of nerd culture.

Discussions Held on Various Agenda Items During Dolton Special Board Meeting

Some of the concerns included updating a guide that focuses on the history of the village, receiving information to share with residents, and animal control of deer. #dolton

2022 Residential Assistance Program causes Disagreements between Calumet City Officials

“I would ask the aldermen to approve this tonight because residents can’t wait for help. Residents are waiting for rent help, help with their water, and help with their groceries,” said Jones. #calumetcity

President’s Summer Bridge Program in Hazel Crest Accepting Applications

Removing weeds from Village Drive is one of the top priorities for the Public Works department. According to Director Charles Dryer, with warm weather on the horizon, this is peak season for the department. #hazelcrest

Residents Share their Concerns with Markham City Officials

“We love Markham, we love it here, we want you to be our neighbors. But we don’t want to feel like we can’t come home or we can’t go to sleep,” said Jones. #markham

Dr. Angel White Talks with The Southland Journal

“I feel those are the most critical ages where girls go through a lot of hormonal changes. They are really trying to find themselves and they experience a lot of peer pressure and mixed emotions." #A&SDivineHealthcare

Hazel Crest Receives Award for Solar Energy

Other communities who received recognition recently were Carol Stream, Mount Prospect, Bensenville, Broadview, Geneva, Gurnee, Northlake, Oak Forest and Westmont. #hazelcrest

New Initiative Plans To Bring New Trees To Markham

Tree Equity is the fairness and justice that occurs when every neighborhood has enough trees so that every person can reap the benefits that trees have to offer. #markham

Amazon Reinvests in the City of Markham

"If someone gives us something, the audacity to think they should have given us more makes me boil. We’ll be underserved the rest of our days if we function that way,” said Agpawa.

Candidate for State Representative Jasimone Ward Talks with the Southland Journal

“As long as we continue to not equip our kids, they will continue to fail us and we will continue to fail them,” said Ward.

Hazel Crest Experiences Two Deaths on Valentine’s Day

“She was one of the first people that helped open up the senior center,” said Alsberry. #HazelCrest

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