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Noah Johnson

Writer for the Southland Journal covering Dolton, Harvey, Calumet City and elections.

Harvey Council Votes No on Harvey Lofts LLC Project

The developer is proposing an $16.4 million investment into the project. The project would create 50 construction jobs, building permit revenue to the city and workforce housing for Amazon and other works, according to a presentation.

The Village of Dolton Held a Meeting on November 15 Where They Discussed and Considered a Host of Items and Presentations

The program came in an effort to modernize the region’s rail network to maintain and improve its economic competitiveness

Calumet City Council: 11/8/2021

The meeting began with the pledge and a prayer. After no public comments were made, the board went on to approve minutes from previous meetings.

Fire the Rapist yelled by citizens of Dolton at a rally today in front of City Hall

“If trustee Henyard knew mayor Henyard, she wouldn’t like herself.” 

Tiffany the Tyrant: Trustees adjourn meeting early after Henyard closes citizens’ live chat relay

The Dolton board of trustees adjourned its Nov. 1 regular meeting early after a virtual chat room was disabled during the live stream, which garnered criticism from the trustee

Micaela Smith Lansing’s first Black trustee reflects on what the village has accomplished since she’s been in office

It's been “a never ending uphill battle” to bring more businesses to the village and sustain the ones it has.

Rich Township District 227 parents are taking their kids out of the district

“It was so many lies and so many misconceptions that it showed it had more to do with political ties,”

Harvey regular city council meeting: October 25, 2021

The city of Harvey held a regular city council meeting on Oct. 25. The board started the meeting by agreeing to amend the agenda and striking items from consideration in the interest of time.

Deidre Baumann runs for Cook County Circuit Court Judge

“The judge has to make sure that all of the staff within the courtroom (including) the clerk, the sheriff, any translators, everyone, has to know this is a place where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. If you start from the top and insist on that, the people appearing before you appreciate that."

Trustee Tiffany Robinson aims to bring resources to Robbins

“It’s really just catering to the whole citizen because people need to know the kind of power they actually have if we get ourselves together,” she said.

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