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Monday, May 23, 2022


John Kraft and Kirk Allen


Dolton Mayoral Recall Referenda Remain On Ballot

For now, both the Referendum for Recall of Mayoral Position of the Village of Dolton, and the Referendum to Recall Mayor Tiffany Henyard will remain on the ballot, subject to the outcome of the underlying court case filed by Mayor Henyard.

Three Shields Twp Deputy Assessors File Complaints against Township Assessor and Trustee

The complaints allege wrongdoing and possible official misconduct against the Shields Township Assessor Scott Helton and Shield Township Trustee Kathryn Walker-Eich

AG: Village of Robbins Violated Open Meetings Act

AG: "Because the closed session discussion was plainly improper, this office asks the Board to take appropriate remedial action by voting to release the October 26, 2021, closed session verbatim recording to the public at its next regular meeting." #robbins

Chicago Police Union Sues, Judge Issues Prior Restrain Order Against Chicago Police Union President

In a move we suspect should be overturned on appeal or otherwise disposed of as what we consider an improper prior restraint on speech, a Cook County Judge ordered John Catanzara, president of Chicago's largest police union, to stop speaking about or otherwise encouraging union members to defy Mayor Lightfoot's vaccine mandate.

Bill Introduced To Prohibit Mandating COVID Shots For College Students

Bill Introduced To Prohibit Mandating COVID Shots For College Students Springfield, IL 0 Illinois State Representatives Andrew S. Chesney , Brad Halbrook , Adam Niemerg, Joe Sosnowski, Blaine Wilhour, Dan Caulkins and Chris Miller sponsored HB4106, which would create the Higher Education COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement Prohibition Act.

Illinois Elected Officials Behaving Badly

Illinois Elected Officials Behaving Badly (EDWd)- This needs to stop. Now.

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