Another Convicted Felon Arrested With A Handgun

Another Convicted Felon Arrested With A Handgun

Another Convicted Felon Arrested With A Handgun (Orland Park, IL) —On 02/23/2022, Orland Park Police Tactical Officers were surveilling a suspicious vehicle at  856 Orland Square Drive when a Jeep, driving extremely fast while revving the engine, pulled  into the lot and parked two parking spaces from the vehicle they were surveilling. A male  subject exited the jeep and reached down and appeared to place something back in the vehicle.  That subject then walked away from the vehicle. Officers approached the now vacated vehicle  and could see cannabis, in plain view, sitting in the cup holder of the vehicle. 

Approximately and hour later, the male subject came back to his Jeep. Officers approached  the Jeep asked the driver to exit. The driver refuse to comply and attempted to start the  vehicle, however it wouldn’t start. Officers attempted to open the driver’s door and  discovered it was locked. As the driver continued to turn over the vehicle’s ignitions, officers continued verbal commands demanding him to exit. Officers eventually used a glass breaking  tool, breaking driver’s side window. At that time, the driver exited the vehicle and was taken into custody. 

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The driver, now identified as Martice Smith, was wearing a Louis Vuitton “satchel bag”  underneath his jacket. Inside the satchel was a loaded Springfield .45 caliber handgun. Smith  does not have a CCL or FOID and has prior felony convictions for Aggravated Battery to a Police  Officer and two Armed Robberies. Smith was charged with Unlawful Possession of Weapon  by a Felon (Class 3 Felony) and misdemeanor Obstructing a Peace Officer. 

On 02/24/22, Smith was transported to Bridgeview Courthouse where Judge Felice issued a  bond of $50,000 D. 


Martice Smith (Male / 28) 

Chicago, IL 

Contact: Commander Kenneth Rosinski (708) 364-8107 or (All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law)

Another Convicted Felon Arrested With A Handgun

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