Amazon Reinvests in the City of Markham

Amazon Reinvests in the City of Markham


Amazon Reinvests in the City of Markham (Markham, IL)— During Markham’s March 2 City Council meeting, Amazon received many accolades. The company reinvested in Markham by giving three school’s $100,000 each., as well as donating 100 books by Black authors in recognition of Black History Month.

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Praises for Amazon

Mayor Roger Agpawa started the conversation reprimanding the public who felt Amazon should have given more money.

“I really think that’s not a good attitude to have here in Markham. If someone gives us something, the audacity to think they should have given us more makes me boil. We’ll be underserved the rest of our days if we function that way,” said Agpawa.

Economic Development Direction and City Administrator Derrick Champion followed Mayor Agpawa with an update of all that Amazon has done in the city.

The three schools that received the $100,000 each were Barack Obama Academy, Markham Park School, and Prairie Hill Junior High School. In addition, Amazon gave $200,000 for the city’s water tower project.

Champion continued with how the company is helping with the city’s quality of life plan, including getting Black representation, parks redevelopment, lights, and creating future engineering programs in all the Title I schools.

According to Champion, the $500,000 was money that was left over from the construction of the site. He advocated for the funds to be reinvested in the city.

Markham has made a huge impact on the way a company does business. We are proud of that. Everything you seeing as we build this thing out is to benefit the residents of Markham,” said Champion.

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Alderman William Barron said he received appreciative calls from individuals in his ward.

“Their houses grew in value by $20,000 to $40,000. Amazon has had a very positive affect on the community, and I think it has had a positive effect on the city,” said Barron.

Class A Liquor Licenses in Markham

The ordinance amending the hours of liquor sales was tabled, but the ordinance focused on the number of liquor licenses was discussed. The change reduces the number licenses in the city from five to three. Current liquor license holders were not affected by this change, but will have to reapply once their license expires.

The motion to reduces the number of liquor licenses was approved. Alderman Jones voted against the change.

Business Licenses

During the city clerk report, A business license for EM Cargo LLC, a trucking company, was approved. Another trucking company, Nelson & Nelson, Inc. was denied due to a violation of an illegally parked truck. Nelson & Nelson, Inc. can reapply for a business license following a conversation with the City Administrator Derrick Champion.

Other items on the agenda included:

  • An open call for individuals interested in joining a volunteer board within the city
  • Announcement for the upcoming March 5 police exam
  • Reminder for individuals to appeal their taxes

The City of Markham meets every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. The location of the meetings are Markham City Hall, 16313 Kedzie Parkway, Markham IL, 60428.

Amazon Reinvests in the City of Markham

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