Alyssia Benford and the Dupage Township We Care Slate

Alyssia Benford We Care Slate

Alyssia Benford We Care Slate (Dupage Township) – Happy New Year. We are looking forward to working in the community in 2021. Please like our [Facebook] page DuPage Township We Care Team and follow our journey to election day on April 6, 2021.

Elect David Sheppard

DuPage Township Supervisor: Alyssia BenfordDuPage

Township Trustees: Monte Larrick Dennis Raga Antonio Timothee Teaquicia “Tea” WardDuPage

Township Assessor: Jean KellyDuPage

Monica Gordon for Cook County Commissioner

Township Clerk: Deborah WilliamsDuPage

Township Collector: Enrique Veguilla


Alyssia Benford We Care Slate

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